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Our priorities

We focus our funding of colleges and universities, and our actions, on achieving improved outcomes, caring for and developing the whole system of colleges and universities and their connections and contribution to Scotland’s educational, social, cultural and economic life.

About Us

Our key priorities are:

  • High-quality learning and teaching.
  • World-leading research.
  • Greater innovation in the economy.
  • Widening Access.

Outcome Agreements

Introducing outcome agreements with colleges and universities in 2012-13 was an important tool in achieving these outcomes, and the contribution that they make to the Scottish Government’s Economic Strategy, Strategic Objectives for Scotland and its National Performance Framework.

Each outcome agreement reflects the return that we and the Scottish Government expect for the public investment in further and higher education. They are also an opportunity for colleges and universities to make clear the contribution that they plan to make to the outcomes set out in our strategic plan.

In the college sector, we play a leadership role in developing outcome agreements in each college region alongside colleges, local authorities and community planning partnerships, Jobcentre Plus, and other organisations that have an interest in providing education, such as Skills Development Scotland and the Enterprise Networks.  In this way, we will make sure that we identify the need in each region and deal with it in a clear way.