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Douglas Mundie

Douglas Mundie is a graduate of the University of St Andrews and spent 25 years in high-technology plastics manufacturing, working internationally in commercial and general management. He currently runs his own business consultancy, Saltire Business Solutions Ltd., specialising in Company growth through innovation and the development of end-user markets.

About Us

Douglas MundieIn 2000, he was appointed Chief Executive of Technology Ventures Scotland Ltd, working across all of Scotland’s universities to see how business could connect more effectively with academic expertise. He was appointed Chair of an Associate Institute of UHI in the Highlands, securing investment to establish a genetics research group working on the early diagnosis of schizophrenia. He was also appointed as a Director, then Chair, of Fusion (Scotland) Ltd., an Inverness-based organisation established to support and grow entrepreneurial businesses throughout the Highlands and Islands region. Between 2006-2013, he set up and ran a global consultancy in marine science for the University of St Andrews, originally SMRU Ltd, but now known as SOI Group Ltd.

Douglas spent ten years as a Governor on the Court of the University of St Andrews, he was Convener of Audit for seven years, and is a current member of the Advisory Board for the Institute of Directors Scotland.

Douglas has been appointed to SFC from 1 September 2014 to 2 October 2021, and in June 2018 was appointed as one of two Deputy Chairs.

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