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Register of interests: Marlene Wood

The Register of Interests provides information of any financial interest or other material benefit that a Council member receives which might reasonably be thought by others to influence his or her actions.

About Us

1.  Remunerated directorships

  • 2010 Finance Ltd.
  • GCP Student Living plc.
  • RM Secured Direct Lending plc.

2.  Remunerated employment, office, profession or other activity

  • 2010 Finance Ltd.

3.  Clients connected with the further and/or higher education sector or other aspects of the Council’s business.


4.  Significant gifts or hospitality arising from Council or Committee membership.  (To be reported as soon as reasonably practical).


5.  Significant shareholdings in a public company where the value is more than 1% of the total issued share value of the company.


6.  Significant shareholdings in a private company which might give rise to a conflict of interest or trust.

  • 2010 Finance Ltd.

7.  Public activity in support of a political party within the previous five years.


8.  Miscellaneous, for example, unremunerated posts, honorary positions and other connections which might give rise to a conflict of interest or trust.

  • One Parent Families Scotland.
  • RM ZDP plc.

The following companies are all wholly owned subsidiaries of GCP Student Living plc:

  • GCP Scape East Limited.
  • GCP Operations Limited.
  • GCP SG Limited.
  • GCP RHUL Limited.
  • GCP RHUL 2 Limited.
  • GCP Brunswick Limited (formerly Ternion (Danehurst) Limited).
  • GCP Holdco Limited.
  • GCP Holdco 2 Limited.
  • GCP Topco Limited.
  • GCP Topco 2 Limited.
  • GCP WL Limited.
  • GCP Wembley Ltd (formerly GCP Apex Limited).
  • GCP Wembley 2 Ltd (formerly GCP Brunswick 2 Limited).
  • GCP Bloomsbury Limited.
  • GCP Brighton Limited.
  • GCP QMUL Limited.
  • GCP Makerfield Limited.
  • GCP Holdco 3 Limited.

9.  Relevant and known interests of spouse, partner and close family.