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Joint SFC / Skills Development Scotland (SDS) Skills Committee

Skills and employability have a direct impact on individual life chances, the performance of our economy and the effectiveness of public services. Working in partnership with Scotland's colleges, universities, training providers and other key stakeholders, the Skills Committee contributes to creating a learning system that is accessible to all, enhances the employability of learners and increases the demand for skills among employers and individuals.

About Us

We aim to improve the understanding of skills needs in different areas of the economy and work in partnership with stakeholders to ensure that Scotland has a skilled and adaptable workforce to benefit a prospering economy and a flourishing society. The Committee aims to become a significant platform for skills policy development and interventions in Scotland, enabling SFC, Skills Development Scotland, the Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board and other partners to deliver Skills for Scotland and help take forward relevant key priorities in Scotland's economic strategy.


Details of committee membership are to be confirmed.