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How we operate: How we use ICT

Our Information and communication technology (ICT) policies are used to govern how we use ICT to conduct Scottish Funding Council (SFC) business.

About Us

Information management framework [PDF]
This framework outlines how we manage our corporate information to ensure the best use and storage of our resources in order to comply with our statutory obligations.

SFC Data Protection policy [PDF]
This policy sets out the requirements for processing our personal data safely and correctly in accordance with the  Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).

ICT acceptable use policy [PDF]
This policy explains to our users what is acceptable usage of our ICT services.

ICT monitoring policy [PDF]
This policy outlines how we will monitor the use of our ICT systems by all users.

ICT information security policy [PDF]
This policy provides our code of practice for data security management at SFC.

ICT remote working policy [PDF]
This policy outlines how SFC staff use the ICT services and devices while working outside SFC's offices. 

ICT external data processing policy [PDF]
This policy outlines our procedures for the safe handling of personal data that is processed on our behalf by external agents (data processors).

Joint Academic Network
This link takes you to the Joint Academic Network (JANET) website, The UK's Education and Research Network.