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School Engagement Framework

We are developing a School Engagement Framework to support pupils into the right destinations for them – Modern Apprenticeships, college, university, or employment – through collaborative regional groups as part of a national programme.

Widening access

The groups will look into all existing school engagement work in their local area to create a less cluttered and more understandable approach to post-school options and opportunities.

This work is part of our response to the Commission on Widening Access (CoWA), which recommended that universities, colleges, local authorities, schools, SFC-funded access programmes and early years providers should work together to deliver a coordinated approach to access which removes duplication.

Our aim is for the Framework to:

  • Be coordinated regionally and link to the Outcome Agreement process.
  • Focus on pupils, not schools or types of schools.
  • Aim to achieve earlier intervention.
  • Include significant consultation.

The development of the Framework will be taken forward through the work of the SFC-funded access initiatives, Access Programmes Steering Group and Bridging Programmes Advisory Group.

For more information on the Framework, please contact Anna Wallace, tel: 0131 313 6605, email: