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How did we consult during the development of the GAP?

Widening access

Gender Action Plan Questionnaire

In April 2015 a voluntary questionnaire was sent to a range of SFC funded Widening Participation initiatives, colleges and universities to gauge current level and focus of activities.

The purpose of the questionnaire was to learn about the initiatives and approaches currently being adopted by colleges and universities to:

  • Tackle the gender imbalances at the student intake level.
  • Retain students, assist with their progression and increase the possibility of a positive destination for the minority gender on a gender imbalanced programme.
  • Consider gender imbalances in relation to other widening participation activities.

Consultation event

Gender - Actions To Achieve Positive Change

A consultation event was held in June 2015 at Stirling Court Hotel and 84 attendees from a range of SFC funded Widening Participation initiatives, colleges, universities and other stakeholders attended. The purpose of the day was to consider how the Gender Action Plan, which is currently being developed by SFC in partnership with Skills Development Scotland (SDS) and the Scottish Government, should be shaped.

This event was an opportunity to share good practice and to support colleges, universities and partners in addressing gender imbalances to meet the ambitions of Government policy, such as in the Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce strategy. Whilst the action plan will ultimately have a broader focus, this initial event was focused on looking at gender imbalances amongst students.

Event information

Delegate pack for Gender [PDF] programme and workshops

Keynote presentations for Gender [PDF]

Workshop presentations for Gender [PDF]

An Overview [PDF] of the event, notes from Keynote Presentations, Table Discussions and Workshops.

Gender Action Plan written consultation

Following the Consultation event we wanted to enable as many people as possible to contribute to the development of the Gender Action Plan. We invited responses to a written consultation [PDF].