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Men in childcare

Kevin has worked as an Early Years Officer at Gilmerton Children and Family Centre in Edinburgh, since completing his HNC in Early Years Education in 2005. On average 4% of the workforce in Scottish nurseries are male.

Widening access

Kevin had worked in various manual roles including as a window cleaner, taxi driver and tractor driver before reaching a crossroads in his life at age 37. He had never considered childcare as a career until he saw an advert in the local press for a Men in Childcare (MiC) course at Edinburgh College.

The MiC course had roughly 20 students, whose average age was mid-30s. Being part of a group of men with similar interests at this stage of an unusual career for a man reduced peer pressure and perceived judgement from others, which Kevin felt may not have been the case otherwise.

Following the MiC course, he took an HNC in Early Years Education. On his first day of the HNC course he was the first student to arrive. One after another, more female students came into the classroom and he hoped that another male student would arrive. He believes this feeling of alienation and isolation would be enough to put many less confident men of all ages off. He was one of only five men in a class of approximately 20; this quickly reduced to three as two dropped out. Nonetheless he completed his HNC and ten years later he has never looked back.

He finds his new career rewarding and enjoyable and feels valued as a colleague. He strongly believes that men of all ages have a lot to contribute to working in this field and more single-sex entry routes such as MiC would help to achieve this.

Men in childcare