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Women in engineering

Just 7% of the engineering workforce in the UK is female. Hannah became interested in engineering after chancing upon a promotional leaflet advertising careers in the sector.

Widening access

She organised work experience herself, which allowed her to see the broad world of engineering and form a more realistic view of an engineering career.

Hannah applied directly to Heriot Watt University from school in 2010. She was originally intending to study a more gender-traditional subject such as law or psychology.

Although one of only a handful of female students in her first year, she believes that the university did well in supporting her as a minority student; however this was largely down to a key female role model within the teaching staff. Hannah acknowledges that many other young female students may be reluctant to pursue this path of study due to the pronounced gender imbalance and believes that this could be easily addressed to encourage more female talent into the industry.

Hannah graduated with a Masters in Engineering in 2015 and started working for Aecom as a graduate engineer. She is now working towards becoming a chartered engineer with the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Women in engineering