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Brexit and Scottish colleges and universities

The Scottish Funding Council is working with colleges, universities and the Scottish Government to identify the potential impact of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union on institutions, their students and their staff, and to develop plans which will ensure Scotland remains the best place in the world to learn, to educate, to research and to innovate.


While the process for the UK to leave the European Union continues and the future relationship between the UK and the EU remains unclear, colleges and universities will continue to provide the foundation upon which the economic success of Scotland is built. This briefing published on 9 December 2018 provides a summary of the potential impacts of the UK leaving the European Union (EU) on colleges and universities.

No-deal Brexit guidance

Given the continuing uncertainty surrounding the UK’s exit from the EU, we have published guidance for Scottish colleges and universities on managing a no-deal Brexit [PDF], which includes a number of useful links for further information. In the light of this fast moving policy environment, please be aware that this is a live document and will be updated as appropriate.

Exit from the European Union and the impact on colleges

The purpose of the report EU Exit - Impact on Colleges [PDF] is to provide a strategic overview of the potential challenges facing the college sector in Scotland as a result of the UK exiting the EU.

It has been produced by the College Brexit Forum, which is made up of representatives from Colleges Scotland, Scottish Government, the Scottish Funding Council, NUS Scotland, the College Development Network, EIS, and Unison.

Brexit checklist for colleges

This independent checklist [PDF] was produced after consultation with representatives from the college sector with responsibility for Brexit planning within their own institutions.

SFC responses to consultations

The Scottish Parliament’s Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee conducted an inquiry on the Scottish Government’s external affairs policy in the context of Brexit.

This is SFC's response [PDF] to the Committee’s call for evidence.

EU Exit team