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Flexible Workforce Development Fund 2017-18

In December 2016 the Scottish Government announced the introduction of a new Flexible Workforce Development Fund (FWDF) to provide employers with flexible development training to up-skill and re-skill their employees.



All FWDF training in the AY 2017-18 programme, contractually committed by the end of June, must start before the end of September 2018.

Training committed after the end of June 2018 will be funded from the AY 2018-19 allocation, as set out in our Indicative Outcome Agreement college funding announcement SFC/AN/06/2018.

An independent evaluation of the pilot year is underway and will inform the fund’s operation and guidance for next year.

Further information

Full details are set out in SFCs announcement Flexible Workforce Development Fund 2017-18.

Important updates on FWDF 2017-18

To set out progress on the FWDF, the following updates sent to relevant institutions are listed below: