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Flexible Workforce Development Fund 2017-18

In December 2016 the Scottish Government announced the introduction of a new Flexible Workforce Development Fund (FWDF) to provide employers with flexible development training to up-skill and re-skill their employees.



All FWDF training in the AY 2017-18 programme, contractually committed by the end of June, must start before the end of September 2018.

Training committed after the end of June 2018 will be funded from the AY 2018-19 allocation, as set out in our Indicative Outcome Agreement college funding announcement SFC/AN/06/2018.

An independent evaluation of the pilot year was published in July 2018.


Flexible Workforce Development Fund Year 1 Data [PDF].

Further information

Full details are set out in SFCs announcement Flexible Workforce Development Fund 2017-18.

Important updates on FWDF 2017-18

To set out progress on the FWDF, the following updates sent to relevant institutions are listed below: