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Flexible Workforce Development Fund

The Scottish Government allocated £10 million for the FWDF in its pilot year 2017-18. SFC distributed the funding amongst regional colleges / strategic bodies across Scotland and will distribute a further £10 million for a second year in 2018-19.  


The Fund is flexible

  • Apprenticeship Levy paying employers in Scotland have the flexibility to choose the training they need.
  • Employers can use the Fund to address priority skills gaps.
  • Access training in high-quality learning environments available in Scotland’s colleges.
  • Engage and motivate existing employees by offering them high quality training to bring the greatest benefits to your organisation.


Applications are now open – please contact your nearest college [PDF] to register your interest and discuss your training needs.

Flexible Workforce Development FundFWDF Toolkit

The FWDF toolkit outlines a national campaign to promote the Fund and provides guidelines and a range of marketing resources can be used to help promote it to businesses across Scotland. 

Case studies

Colleges Scotland has produced a set of case studies to show how the college sector is using the FWDF.