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Student support guidance

Bursary fund guidance

The National policy for further education bursaries guidance sets out the conditions for use of bursary funds allocated to colleges by SFC.


Discretionary fund guidance

The Discretionary fund guidance sets out the conditions for use of the further education discretionary fund.

Childcare fund guidance

The Childcare fund guidance sets out the conditions for use of the childcare funds by colleges.

Fee waiver grant guidance

The Fee waiver grant guidance describes the categories of students for which a college may use the fee waiver grant from the SFC.

Student Support Review Group Final report

The Student Support Review Group Final Report [PDF] sets out recommendations on the following elements of Student Support Funding for students in further education:

  • Bursary.
  • Childcare.
  • Implications of ONS changes.
  • Implications of funding method changes.

EMA guidance

The EMA guidance for colleges explains the EMAs (Education Maintenance Allowances) that are available across Scotland to young people aged 16 to 19.

Support for Asylum Seekers in Further & Higher Education

This leaflet is for asylum seekers living in Scotland who are undertaking or thinking about undertaking a further or higher education course at college or university and explains the funding that is available from the Scottish Government and colleges and universities.

Prince’s Trust Team Programme - Credit Guidance

SFC has been working with The Prince’s Trust to clarify the position on their ‘Team Programme’ activity in relation to SFC’s new credit model. Guidance for this can be found in the document below:

Helping you meet the costs of learning and training

The Scottish Government's Helping you meet the costs of learning and training gives an overview of the funding available for anyone thinking about learning. It is also a useful guide for practitioners to help them give advice.