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University Outcome Agreements 2015-16 Sector Summary Information

Outcome agreements for universities final funding decisions for AY 2015-16

Profile of monthly payment instalments for University main formula grants [PDF]

Annex A: funding allocations to universities 2015-16

Annex B: student targets 2015-16

Annex C: strategic funding to universities 2015-16

Annex D University Conditions of Grant 2015-16

Table 1: university sector - overall budget for academic year 2015-16 

Table A1: detailed breakdown of teaching grant 2015-16 

Table A2a: non-controlled funded student places 2015-16 

Table A2b: controlled student places funded by SFC 2015-16 

Table A2c: additional student places funded by the Scottish Government 2015-16 

Table A3: breakdown of changes to additional funded places 2015-16 

Table A4: funded places to price groups 2015-16 

Table B1: New Research Excellence Grant  Model 2015-16 – Unit of assessment (subject) weightings

Table B2: Research Excellence Grant 2015-16 

Table B3: Research Postgraduate Grant 2015-16 

Table C1: adjustment to funded student places for AY 2015-16 for changes in funding arrangements for rest of UK students 

Table C2a: indicative student numbers for non-controlled subject areas 2015-16 

Table C2b: indicative student numbers for controlled subject areas 2015-16 

Table D1: validating the resources for teaching for AY 2015-16 against the allocations derived using the new price groups 

Table D2: assumed tuition fees from the funded places used in the validation 2015-16