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Research Excellence Grant

Following RAE 2008, SFC replaced its Main Quality Research Grant and Research Development Foundation Grant with the Research Excellence Grant (REG) in academic year (AY) 2009-10. The funding model for REG accommodates the results of the RAE 2008, and continues to underpin the structure and value of the dual support system. (Under the dual support system, the UK Research Councils provide grants for specific projects and programmes, while SFC provides block grant funding for universities to carry out ground-breaking research of their choosing.) 

In broad terms, developing the policy for REG was informed by these needs or requirements:

  • To support the research base in Scottish universities ensuring it is maintained, sustained and remains globally competitive and attractive to the best researchers
  • To recognise and encourage business support by universities
  • To uphold the principles of the dual support system, including full economic costs from Research Council, charity, European and other research income (including private, public and the third sector (charities, voluntary and social enterprise) to retain confidence in the Scottish university research base
  • To address our responsibilities to early career researchers, as identified in the UK-wide Concordat to support the career development of researchers, which SFC is signed up to
  • To ensure support for the personal, professional and career development of researchers, including postgraduate researchers, and research staff in universities through the UK-wide Vitae Programme
  • To anticipate the move to greater future use of metrics in research assessment

Additional information

Research Postgraduate Grant

The Research Postgraduate Grant (RPG) is provided to universities to invest in the environment for high quality research training and development, and enhance the contribution of postgraduate research students to the research base in Scotland. It is allocated formulaically in proportion to research postgraduate enrolments weighted by subject disciplines.