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Environmental sustainability resources


Scottish College and University Carbon Emissions Report 2014-15

In February 2017 the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC) Scotland published its most recent assessment of the carbon footprint of Scotland’s universities and colleges. The report is based on the sector submissions to HESA Estates Management Records and 2014-15 carbon emissions data from Public Body Climate Change Duties Reports (submitted in November 2015).  

EAUC Scottish Universities CMP Review Project

In 2015, SFC commissioned EAUC Scotland  to review the performance of Scottish universities in relation to the following key points:

  • Have Scottish universities adhered to their carbon management (CM) strategy?
  • To what extent have reduction projects been implemented and progress made?
  • What factors are driving emissions for universities?
  • What are the key technical themes that universities are considering in order to reduce utility consumption and carbon emissions?

The methodology, results and conclusions of this project are outlined within the Scottish Universities Carbon Management Performance Review report [PDF].

Resource Efficient Scotland Baseline Report

In 2015, SFC and Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) developed a carbon emissions (tCO2e1) footprint baseline (‘footprint’) for colleges in Scotland to assist with the monitoring of progress to reduce emissions in the Further Education (FE) sector. As part of this process all Scottish colleges in the FE sector were contacted to request energy, waste, water and transport fuel use data which was used to calculate the carbon baseline of Scotland’s FE sector.

Read the Scottish Colleges Carbon Footprint Report report from Resource Efficient Scotland.

EAUC Catalogue of Energy Efficiencies

The Catalogue of Energy Efficiencies, commissioned by EAUC, provides information to the sector to help create project registers and help institutions prioritise energy efficiency opportunities.

It provides a list of technologies institutions may wish to consider to achieve energy efficiencies, from lighting to small scale renewables.

Carbon Prediction Tool

SFC contributed funding to the University of Edinburgh for the development of a Carbon Prediction tool. This will allow users to predict carbon emissions from institutional operations based on a range of user-controlled variables.