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Evidence in support of the merger proposal

SFC needs to understand the evidence in support of the merger proposal. The following should be included.


Academic benefits

  • The quality, relevance, efficiency of provision in teaching, research and knowledge transfer, where applicable, will be safeguarded / enhanced.
  • The quality of the student experience will be at least maintained or enhanced.
  • The range / breadth of provision and qualifications will be appropriate to meet the needs of learners, stakeholders and the economy.
  • The specialist facilities and profile will be safeguarded / enhanced.

Implications for tertiary education in Scotland

  • The fit to local / regional / national and international needs.
  • Other benefits such as improved student access.
  • Location of proposed campus(es) / sites appropriate to meet needs.
  • Accountability to stakeholders (local / national) provided for.
  • Impact on other institutions, community learning and development, other providers and local authorities (local / national).

Financial benefits

  • A detailed financial plan assessing the financial implications of merger (i.e. one-off costs required to facilitate merger, future recurrent costs/income of the merged institution, resources released, opportunities to grow the business and any savings expected).
  • Improved value-for-money.
  • Efficiencies.
  • Impact on financial health of partners.
  • Space utilisation / quality of premises no less adequate or enhanced.
  • Changes in expenditure distribution (research, teaching, support, premises, management) expected.
  • Impact on institutions of not proceeding.

Issues arising from consultation

  • Students
  • Trades unions
  • Staff (including terms and conditions)
  • Local communities
  • Other stakeholders and providers (schools, institutions, community learning and development etc)


This section should address the merged institution's broad intentions for:

  • The learning and teaching, and research and knowledge transfer strategy.
  • Staffing issues: including restructuring plans, harmonisation of terms and conditions.
  • Student issues: integratIon of student representation, projected student numbers.
  • Estates issues: including an options appraisal discussing all reasonable options for future use of the existing estates.
  • Intentions for systems integration, including ICT.

Governance and management

This section should include:

  • The proposed title of merged institution, where agreed.
  • The intended management arrangements for the merger and beyond.
  • The intended communications arrangements, both internal and external up to and following merger.
  • A proposed implementation timetable.
  • A risk assessment to cover all aspects of the merger, including a contingency plan.
  • The key measures of success through which the new institution can judge whether the merger has been successful.
  • The funding required to enable and implement the merger, including a proposal for strategic funding from the Council where necessary.


This guidance was developed in 2012 and will be reviewed.

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