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Models of merger key considerations

A key consideration for the colleges will be establishing a new board capable of leading the new college, including when it should be established and how its membership reflects the size and shape of the existing colleges.


However, The Scottish Government published its plans for College governance, some of which will require legislation, it is therefore important to discuss any impact this will have on plans for merger or federation with both SFC and government colleagues.

Other aspects which the governing bodies may wish to consider when deciding on what model to adopt are how to

  • Enable each college to be equal partners and bring with them their range of provision, specialisms and individual strengths
  • Enable a new vision to be achievable in the short term, i.e. to ensure there is an acceptance of "will be" rather than "will become"
  • Minimise feelings of insecurity for staff and students and achieve a transparent approach to the merger process
  • Achieve political and stakeholder support for the new college
  • Brand the new college to maximise new opportunities for growth and retain the individual strengths and, where appropriate, business continuity of the existing colleges
  • Position the college to maximise publicity opportunities



This guidance was developed in 2012 and will be reviewed.

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