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Consider and agree the model of merger

Decisions on college mergers are ultimately for Ministers, whose job it also is to promote the necessary legislation.


If your college is thinking about merger, please contact George Reid, Scottish Government, tel: 0300 244 1283 at as early a stage as possible to discuss this further (see also Who to contact).

This section of the guidance will be kept under regular review, and any changes will be notified to all relevant parties.

A host model is where one of the existing institutions remains an entity and transforms itself into the new college. There may however be circumstances where another model may be more appropriate, and as stated above early discussions with the Scottish Government may be helpful.

SFC advises that a "host" model is a simple transition but what is more important is that the new institution is a new entity in terms of it culture, name and vision for the future. Some mergers have adopted the term "fusion" model to describe what is essentially still a host model but with an emphasis very much on a new and dynamic institution. This combines many of the characteristics of a phoenix model, in that there is very clearly a new entity created, with the technical aspects of a host model in that the legal vehicle of one of the colleges is used.

The Council has prepared advice on models of merger for earlier mergers which can be viewed here:

Models of merger

Comparison of Host and Phoenix Models [PDF]


This guidance was developed in 2012 and will be reviewed.

Your feedback is important so let us know where you have used it or how it can be improved by contacting Linda McLeod, email: