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Pace of the development of the merger

It is important to understand that the pace of development and progress will vary at different stages of the merger process. In the early stages of discussion and development of the merger proposal it is likely that the pace of progress will be quite steady, but once the proposal has been sent to Ministers the pace of change across the colleges will speed up.


Staff need to be aware of this likelihood and when extra efforts may be required to keep staff and students up to date and involved regarding the merger requirements.

Based on previous experience the whole process outlined above is likely to take around a year as a minimum to complete in straightforward mergers, in some cases longer depending on the level of complexity of the merger

As yet, there is no experience of establishing federations, but given they will involve less complexity than mergers in a number of key areas, it is anticipated that federations can be more quickly established.



This guidance was developed in 2012 and will be reviewed.

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