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The role of the Project Manager

Effective project management is essential to achieving a successful merger.


Institutions are advised to appoint a dedicated project manager early in the process, preferably one who is able to operate independently from each partner institution.  A clear set of milestones should be established early on, and an action plan developed. The project manager will be the key link between working groups set up to develop strands of the merger proposal and the executive group of senior managers. They will also ensure that the requirements of a partnership board are comprehensively addressed, and coherent advice is provided to the partnership board at all times.

The merger project plan should show clearly the necessary steps and timescale for achieving merger. The project manager may help to develop that plan if they are on board early in the process and they will be responsible for ensuring delivery against the plan. 

Example of a recruitment advert [PDF]


This guidance was developed in 2012 and will be reviewed.

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