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17 Nov 2020

Growing a Miracle Tree - How Moringa is being used in Malawi to enhance food security

Author: Professor Wendy Russell – University of Aberdeen

Through this GCRF project in partnership with Africa Growing, the potential of Moringa to contribute to scaled-up nutrition programs in Malawi was explored and a palatable Moringa formulation, which maintained the bioavailability of the nutrients was developed.
09 Oct 2020

Improving the point of care for vector based diseases by introducing field-based labs in Uganda.

Author: Louise Mitchell, Research Marketing Executive, University of Glasgow

Louise Mitchell describes how Dr Christina Faust and colleagues at the University of Glasgow have developed a portable field laboratory that can be deployed quickly in areas with vector-borne diseases.
22 Sep 2020

Creating a Counselling and Wellbeing service during Lockdown

Author: Kim Reid, Student Advice Coordinator, Forth Valley College

As external Counselling and Wellbeing services around colleges often work to capacity, in order to support students fully, colleges offer their own Counselling and Wellbeing service – even during a national lockdown.
18 Sep 2020

Why do we need electric vehicles?

Author: Barry Faichnie, Lecturer in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Glasgow Clyde College

Barry Faichnie from Glasgow Clyde College looks at how increasing electric vehicle (EV) ownership is helping to tackle the climate emergency, and why colleges are well positioned to meet the demands of training and upskilling that comes with the move to EVs.
30 Jul 2020

UMIS’s ‘Capturing Lives’: Using university collections to engage young people through lockdown

Author: Sarah Burry-Hayes, Co-ordinator of University Museums in Scotland (UMIS)

University museums have been adapting to Covid-19 since March. Sarah Burry-Hayes discusses how they treated the lockdown as an opportunity to offer digital content and programming.
03 Jul 2020

Lost limbs, lives and livelihoods: a collaboration to understand the behaviour of communities in land mine-affected Myanmar

Author: Dr Brian Barrett, University of Glasgow, School of Geographical & Earth Sciences

The project is supported by £51K from the University of Glasgow GCRF Small Grants Fund which enabled the project team to undertake detailed field work and run focus groups to discuss how community and individual behaviour with respect to landmine risk can be improved in Myanmar.
22 Jun 2020

Supporting autistic students in uncertain times.

Author: Catriona Mowat, Disability Manager, Student Wellbeing Service, Glasgow Caledonian University

Catriona Mowat describes how the Student Wellbeing Service at Glasgow Caledonian University became the first in the UK to receive accreditation by the National Autistic Society (NAS).
14 May 2020

How college innovation is bringing online learning to health and social care workers

Author: Gordon Manson – Lecturer in Health and Social Care, Forth Valley College

Forth Valley College’s e-learning induction programme is one of the projects being funded by the Scottish Funding Council’s College Innovation Fund.
06 Apr 2020

What the COVID-19 emergency is teaching us about our institutions

Author: Karen Watt, SFC Chief Executive

SFC Chief Executive, Karen Watt, pays tribute to the early response by Scotland’s colleges and universities to the pandemic.
27 Mar 2020

Taking action to reduce carbon emissions from University business travel

Author: Siôn Pickering, SRS Project Coordinator for Edinburgh University

This weekend for Earth Hour Siôn Pickering writes about the need for Universities to cut back on emissions through reduction in business travel.