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01 Feb 2017

Taking up the Carbon Challenge

Author: David Beards, Research and Innovation Team

Last week, the Scottish Government published both its draft Scottish Energy Strategy and draft Climate Change Strategy, outlining an ambitious vision for a low-carbon Scotland.
25 Jan 2017

A Quantum Leap Forward

Author: Dr Stuart Fancey, SFC Director of Research and Innovation

I recently had the privilege of attending the launch of QuantIC, Scotland's brand new innovation space for quantum physics based at the University of Glasgow. Now, I know the words “quantum physics" can bamboozle all but the most scientifically-minded amongst us so let me explain the kind of thing that’s going on there.
16 Jan 2017

Collaborating to succeed; SICSA and the Scottish Research Pools

Author: Dr Stuart Fancey, SFC Director of Research and Innovation

Scottish Research Pools are one of our universities' great success stories. Not only do they demonstrate the value of collaboration in academic research, they prove how well we can cooperate within our small, well-connected and inventive country.
15 Dec 2016

SICSA: Collaborative Research in Computing

Author: Steven Kendrick, Executive Officer, Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA)

What does Scottish research pooling look like from the inside? Steven Kendrick, Executive Officer at the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA), gives a unique perspective.
05 Dec 2016

Celebrating Scotland’s global status in Mountain Biking

Author: Dr John Kemp, Interim Chief Executive, SFC

You may not realise it, but Scotland is a global leader in mountain biking. Not only that, but it’s worth around £50 million a year to the Scottish economy. Add in the economic impact of those who take part in the sport and the value soars to £130 million.
25 Nov 2016

SFC-funded ‘Predictive’ Research makes Scottish Tourism Sector Smarter

Author: Dr Stuart Fancey, SFC Director of Research and Innovation

Tourism in Scotland is vitally important to the economy; it contributes £6 billion to Scottish GDP every year and accounts for around 8% of employment. But can ‘smart technology’ and data help develop tourism and, crucially, ensure visitors have a great experience here? How can the tourism industry harness current opportunities and achieve further growth?
17 Aug 2016

Mind the GAP

Author: Professor Maggie Kinloch, Chair of SFC’s Access and Inclusion Committee

On 12 August, International Youth Day, SFC launched its Gender Action Plan – a bold call to action for colleges and universities to address gender imbalances in their institutions and beyond.
12 Aug 2016

The Scale of Future Success in Scotland

Author: John Kemp, Scottish Funding Council Interim Chief Executive

I wanted to tell you about a ground-breaking partnership between The Scottish Funding Council, Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise that is building an exciting new community of entrepreneurs in Scotland.
02 Aug 2016

Innovation Centres: Connecting the Future

Author: Professor Albert Rodger, Chair of SFC’s Research and Innovation Committee

The Scottish Funding Council has invested in Scottish Innovation Centres in the belief that their unique fusion of intellect, discovery and entrepreneurship can help to bring about a revolution in Scotland’s future prosperity and social well-being.
27 Jul 2016

The Power of Data

Author: Stuart Fancey, Director of Research and Innovation

How do you make innovation possible when your core business is ensuring 'business as usual’ and making sure the nation’s lights stay on?