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15 Mar 2019

SFC in Slovenia

Author: Seamus Spencer – Assistant Director, Outcome Agreements

Scotland shares its experience with our European partners.
08 Mar 2019

Ingenious and Enterprising Women

Author: Dr Sara Shinton, Head of Researcher Development, Institute for Academic Development, University of Edinburgh

How to tackle inequality in a system that isn’t going to “sort itself out”.
27 Feb 2019

A red-letter day for College Innovation

Author: Andrew Youngson, Senior Policy Officer

SFC’s Andrew Youngson on the innovative work Scotland’s colleges undertake everyday.
12 Feb 2019

Who Cares? Scotland and Care Day 2019

Author: Vonnie Sandlan, SFC Assistant Director EU Exit (co-ordination, colleges and skills)

Vonnie Sandlan on Care Day 2019 and the difference it makes in the lives of care experienced people.
08 Feb 2019

Investing in the West End – the University of Glasgow's new £1b campus development

Author: Professor Neal Juster, Senior Vice-Principal and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow’s new campus development and what it holds for the future of the West End.
31 Jan 2019

Going Higher and Further for Student Carers

Author: Jade Lochhead

A student carer’s testimony on the difficulties student carers can face in their studies, and the award initiative underway to better understand the barriers they face.
24 Jan 2019

Winning grapes and other health innovations

Author: Helen Raftopoulos, SFC Assistant Director, Health and Care

What happens when you get primary school kids together with undergraduates and PhD students to some of the key challenges we face in healthcare and climate change?
18 Dec 2018

Safeguarding Scotland’s research ties with Europe

Author: Dr Stuart Fancey, SFC Director of Research and Innovation

SFC’s Stuart Fancey on the active approach being taken to preserve the connections between Scottish colleges and universities and European partners.
11 Dec 2018

Scaling up innovation

Author: Robin Lee, Senior Policy/Analysis Officer, Research and Innovation

SFC's Robin Lee on his visit to Scottish Sea Farms, and how innovation in Scottish aquaculture is bring industry together and creating jobs.
29 Nov 2018

Going down to Massachusetts

Author: Keith McDonald – Assistant Director, Research and Innovation

SFC’s Keith McDonald on the plan for Scottish universities to apply lessons from MIT’s innovation approach, following a recent visit to see ‘how the other half innovate’.