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23 May 2018

Attracting Diversity in student access and recruitment

Author: Kay Steven, Policy Officer, Advance HE

What are Scottish colleges and universities doing to tackle disadvantage in student access across protected characteristics?
09 May 2018

How origami is saving lives in Africa

Author: Professor Jonathan M. Cooper, Vice Principal for Knowledge Exchange, University of Glasgow

A folded piece of paper could save lives in Uganda, says Glasgow University’s Prof Jonathan Cooper.
25 Apr 2018

Other Ways of Winning

Author: André Reibig, Senior Policy and Analysis Officer, Scottish Funding Council

SFC’s André Reibig has some surprising insights into Scotland’s sporting success in Australia and SFC’s role in student athletics.
18 Apr 2018

Tapping All Our Talents

Author: Professor Lesley Yellowlees, SFC board member and chair of the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Tapping All Our Talents review group.

Prof Lesley Yellowlees on the challenges facing women in STEM and progress towards equality.
11 Apr 2018

Creating an international voice for Scotland

Author: Mike Cantlay, Chair of the Scottish Funding Council

Scotland is Now is a brand new international marketing campaign for Scotland.
22 Mar 2018

Get shot of your disposable coffee cups

Author: Sybille Rush, member of SFC’s Sustainability Group

In Scotland we use about 200 million disposable coffee cups every year, but that’s ok we can just recycle them can’t we? Actually no! Find out why reusable coffee cups are flying off the shelves and into SFC.
08 Mar 2018

Scotland’s universities battle to save us from antimicrobial Armageddon

Author: Professor Mike Barrett, SULSA Director

Is an antimicrobial resistance Armageddon upon us? Professor Mike Barrett, SULSA Director, shows how Scotland’s universities are leading the way in addressing the antimicrobial resistance challenge.
19 Dec 2017

Trans equality in further and higher education?

Author: Dr Matson Lawrence, Research Associate, Trans.Edu Scotland

We can and should do better – trans equality in further and higher education.
06 Dec 2017

Closing the gender gap

Author: Mike Cantlay, Chair of the Scottish Funding Council

Following SFC’s first national gender conference, Mike Cantlay looks at progress towards gender equality in further and higher education.
02 Nov 2017

Making the most of the nation’s young talent

Author: John Kemp, Interim Chief Executive of the Scottish Funding Council

First published as an Agenda article in the Herald, John makes the argument for fairer access to higher education.