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Participation indicators for Scottish HEIs

Publications & statistics

Statistical publication: SFC/ST/05/2015

Issue Date: 25/03/2015


HESA does not publish indicators of participation from low participation areas (based on the POLAR2 method) for Scottish HEIs. The relatively high (in UK terms) Higher Education participation rate in Scotland coupled with the high proportion of Higher Education that is delivered in colleges means that the figures for Scottish HEIs could, when viewed in isolation, misrepresent their contribution to widening participation. Such indicators would also be misleading as Scottish HEIs recruit a considerable number of students from the other home nations, and only a small proportion of these are likely to be from low participation areas. A similar consideration applies in respect of students from lower social classes (NS-SEC 4-7).

It remains important to provide an indication of the efforts made by Scottish HEIs to widen access to less privileged sections of Scottish society, and specific tables have been constructed with this aim (see below).