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Strengthening Institutional Monitoring, Self-evaluation and Reporting on Quality

SFC is seeking to co-create quality processes and reporting mechanisms as part of developing our common approach to quality assurance and enhancement that are effective, meaningful, and proportionate.

Learning and Quality

Feedback from our stakeholder engagements to date suggests there is significant scope for streamlining the reporting on quality processes and outcomes and for capitalising on the outputs of institution-led annual monitoring processes.

In addition, we have heard from stakeholders of the need to develop capacity to undertake institution-led self-evaluative work.

Building on the outputs of the AY 2021-22 Self-evaluation in the tertiary sector: co-creating a new approach project managed by CDN on behalf of SFC, the quality agencies and the colleges and universities, SFC believes there is an important piece of work to respond to this, and to support developing a common approach to quality assurance and enhancement.

SFC is interested in optimising reporting outputs from across quality processes – to SFC, its partners agencies, and where possible, to awarding bodies – to secure greater impact, support transparency and accountability and ensure that self-evaluation, as a key part of our quality arrangements in Scotland, is used as effectively as possible in the new common approach.

Key questions

  • How can we support sector and institutional capacity for effective self-evaluation that supports assurance, improvement, and enhancement?
  • How can we ensure stakeholders, including SFC, get the reporting and assurance needed, avoiding duplication of effort and resource?

Lead agency

This work will be co-ordinated by SFC, and the relevant sector quality networks – The Quality Forum and the College Quality Network.