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Research pooling

The research pooling initiative was created by SFC in 2004 to encourage researchers across Scottish higher education to pool their resources and respond to increasing international competition. 


Independent Review of Scottish Research Pooling Initiative

An open call for evidence has been issued and we welcome responses from organisations and individuals (including outwith Scotland) with knowledge of the research pooling initiative. In particular, the review's Advisory Panel values diversity so we encourage members of underrepresented groups to submit written evidence.

Further information about the review.

Research pools

For the majority of pools the original SFC funding has now come to an end, however the research pools continue to contribute to SFC’s outcomes around world leading research and greater innovation in the economy. SFC has made available funding of up to £112,500 a year for five years to support the continuation of successful pools.

Pools Engagement in European Research (PEER) and Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher Exchanges (PECRE)

In 2018-19 the Scottish Government made available, through SFC, £250,000 a year to research pools to help them compete for European funding and to support Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher exchanges with Europe, North America, China and India.