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How to engage with Scottish Universities' Research Pools [PDF] This leaflet provides information on the research pools and how to contact them directly.

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Concordat to support research integrity [PDF]

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Research Pools 

The research pooling initiative was created by SFC in 2003 to encourage researchers across Scottish higher education to pool their resources and respond to increasing international competition.

The concept behind these research pools is the belief that dynamic collaborations between research departments can provide Scotland’s universities with a competitive advantage which other countries would find difficult to replicate.

With 19 closely connected universities and a tradition of academic collaboration reaching back to the Enlightenment, Scotland is a well connected hub of world-leading research.

Pooling initiatives

SULSA involved in new database of available university equipment

A database of all the equipment in Scottish HEIs that can be freely accessed is now available, allowing increased and more sustainable use of equipment as well as helping to meet Wakeham review requirements in respect of research grant bids.

The Equipment Database And Maintenance (EDAM) initiative is a joint venture between Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC) and the SFC-funded Scottish Universities Life Science Alliance (SULSA) research pool, taking the lead on behalf of the other research groupings across Scotland.

Find out which equipment is available to you in Scotland's Universities on the EDAM database.