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Contextualised admissions

SFC supports the Scottish Government’s commitment to improving fair access to university education through contextualised admissions.

Widening access

This means that universities consider an applicant’s attainment within the wider context in which it has been obtained, for example their performance against their school’s average, their family background (such as whether they are the first in their family to go to university) or the area they grew up in.

We are working with institutions and partners to improve our understanding of the data, process and impact of contextualised admissions across the sector to assess its impact on admission systems to recognise talent of under-represented groups, regardless of background.

Evaluating contextual admissions data

As part of SFC’s Impact for Access project, a major study into the admission of disadvantaged learners onto degree courses at Scottish universities was commissioned.

Mapping and evaluating the use of contextual data in undergraduate admissions in Scotland responds to the challenge set by the Commission on Widening Access to ensure that university admissions systems do not perpetuate the disadvantages learners have faced earlier in life.