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Our Priorities
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Improving skills

A developed workforce

Our priority is to develop learners who have the skills, knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to get a job and progress their career, and institutions that respond to the skills needs of the economy locally and nationally.

SFC’s 2015-18 Strategic Plan outcomes on improving skills

By 2025:

  • We will have an outstanding system of learning where all students are progressing successfully and benefiting from a world-class learning experience, in the hands of expert teachers and lecturers, delivered in modern facilities.
  • We will have a more successful economy and society, with well prepared and skilled students progressing into jobs with the ability, ideas, and ambition to make a difference.
  • We will have a stronger, more productive and resilient economy with economic growth supported by innovation from our colleges and universities.
  • We will be generating some of the most innovative new businesses in the world through Scotland’s entrepreneurial students and research leaders.