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The Scottish Funding Council welcomes the results of the 2018 National Student Survey, which were published today.

Following the introduction of a new survey in 2017 and questions on student engagement, the 2018 results show overall satisfaction rate with Scottish institutions is 83% in comparison with 85% last year. This compares with a national average of 83% in comparison with 84% last year.

John Kemp, Interim Chief Executive of the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) said, “The National Student Survey is one of the ways in which students can make their voices heard. This makes it an important gauge of the work universities and colleges do to improve student learning experiences.”

“This year’s figures show a slight drop for Scotland as a whole, in line with the UK average, though there does not appear to be a pattern or single reason for this change. We want to work with our universities, particularly where there has been a drop, in order to understand how they are addressing the issues behind these figures.”

The report follows the recent publication of the Higher Education Statistics Agency’s (HESA) Leavers Statistics 2016/17, which showed the median salary of full-time Scottish university graduates going into full time work in 2016-17 was £500 more than the previous year and £500 more than the rest of the UK.

Results from the College Student Satisfaction Survey 2017-18, which tracks the satisfaction and engagement of college students in Scotland, will be published by SFC in October 2018.