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The Minister for Further Education, Higher Education & Science, Richard Lochhead, has announced £13.5 million of new Scottish Government funding for the Data Lab, Scotland’s data innovation centre.

Since its launch in 2014, The Data Lab has used its existing funding from the Scottish Funding Council to attract and develop data talent in Scotland, to create new educational programmes and to provide backing to Scottish innovation projects.

Mr Lochhead said:

“Scottish universities excel in data science. Together with Scotland’s rich data resources and advanced infrastructure, this provides the ideal environment for The Data Lab to thrive with benefits across industry sectors, the third sector and public services. I am pleased to confirm that the Scottish Government is, through the Scottish Funding Council and our Enterprise agencies, able to invest up to £13.6 million to support The Data Lab in its next phase.”

The new funding for will begin in April 2019 and continue for five years. It will allow The Data Lab to improve data innovation’s economic impact on Scotland, to generate more jobs and to further build on its growing global reputation.