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The day is the European Day o’ Leids 2018. Guidit by the Cooncil o’ Europe syne 2001, European Day o’ Leids celebrats plurilingualism (speikin mair than ane leid), cultural diversity, an lifelang leid lairnin ben an oot o’ the schule.

Morag Campbell, Assistant Director of Research and Innovation said: “Docht in leids, includin Gaelic, Scots, an British Sign Leid (BSL), jines Scotland wi oor ain heritage, oor neebours an the warl aroon us.

“Leid lairnin o’ ony ilk, at ony eild, helps us leuk at the warl in new weys. Scotland’s universities an colleges offer mony sindry chyces tae study leids, frae parteecular leid degrees, tae forenicht coorses, an free oanline coorses.”

“Wi’ the United Nations annuncin 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Leids, the time has ne’er been sae braw for mair fowk tae diskiver afresh the leids gabbit in oor ain kail-yards, sic as Gaelic an Scots, and the muckle cultural moyens they’ve had in the makkin o’ Scotland.”

Leid resoorces

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