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eduroam Wi-Fi at SFC

SFC provides a home and visited eduroam service. If you are visiting from another organisation using eduroam then you can also use eduroam at SFC.

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At SFC eduroam is available on the ground floor of Apex 2. In addition to SFC eduroam is also provided at the following UK sites.

When your association or employment with your eduroam providing organisation ends please remove the eduroam Wi-Fi profile from your device.

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SFC eduroam Wi-Fi access

  • SSID: eduroam
  • Access method: IEEE 802.1x
  • Use your username and password provided by your organisation

Information security

It is your responsibility to protect your data and privacy while using eduroam. Your organisation will provide guidance where necessary.


Use of eduroam at SFC is governed by:


SFC can only advise on the operability of eduroam services in Apex 2. Your own organisation will advise of the operability of eduroam services at their sites.