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How we operate: Senior salaries

All parts of the Scottish Government including organisations such as the Scottish Funding Council are required to publish details of their senior leadership team's salaries.

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Further details about the management of the Scottish Funding Council's finances can be viewed in our Annual Report and Accounts.

SFC Chief Executive
Name Job title Salary band

Karen Watt

Chief Executive


SFC Director Grade posts
Name Job title Salary band

Martin Boyle

Director of Policy, Insight and Analytics


James Dunphy

Director of Access, Learning and Outcomes

£90,000 – £94,999

Currently being recruited

Director of Research and Innovation

£105,000- £109,999 (previous

Richard Maconachie

Director of Finance

£100,000- £104,999 (current post-folder joined SFC on 19 April 2022.


Note: salaries take account of pay reviews up to 31 March 2022.