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Trade Union recognition and employee consultation

We recognise the importance of good industrial relations and effective communication with our staff. At SFC we formally recognise Unite the Union for collective bargaining and consultation purposes as well as staff representation.

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Joint Negotiation and Consultation Forum

We have a Joint Negotiation and Consultation Forum (JNCF), which meets regularly, and involves members of our Senior Management Team (SMT) and representatives from our staff trade union, Unite. Through this we share information, discuss issues of mutual concern, consult and, where appropriate, negotiate on policies, procedures and terms and conditions of employment.

We also have a health and safety committee which includes union representatives to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff working at the SFC.

Trade union facility time

To enable union representatives to effectively represent their members and work with the Management of SFC we provide facility time which we see as an investment that improves the quality of staff working relations, helps us to work collaboratively to reach workable solutions within the workplace and greatly reduces the potential negative impact of disputes in the workplace.

In accordance with the Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017 we provide the support through paid facility time for union officials working at SFC. See our annual reports and accounts for further information.