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Guidance for Capital funding and projects

Capital Decision Point Committee

The Capital Decision Point Committee considers major capital projects at critical stages in their procurement and delivery to provide assurance to the Council that the project is consistent with the agreed initial aims and that it can progress successfully to the next stage in the decision point process.

For information about key stages, please consult the Capital Projects Decision Point Guidance [PDF].


Estates Strategy guidance

The Estate Strategy Guidance [PDF] was developed to assist colleges and universities undertake reviews or updates of their strategies to ensure that they meet the current and future strategic needs. It also provides guidance in respect of wider procurement issues such as the appointment of consultants, environmental issues and value and risk management.

Procedure notes for the Disposal of Property

The Disposal of Property: Procedures for Universities [PDF] notes should be followed by institutions seeking to dispose of surplus property (i.e. any land or building where Exchequer funds have been used in its purchase, upkeep or maintenance) and to retain the proceeds from such disposals.

Colleges who are looking to dispose of any property should contact Andrew Millar, email: as soon as possible. 

Post occupancy evaluation

Post occupancy evaluation guidance [PDF] provides a structured review of the process of delivering a capital project as well as a review of operational, functional and strategic performance of the building following occupation. This is a recognised way of providing feedback on the performance of the project throughout a building's lifecycle from initial concept through to occupation.