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Resources and information for capital funding and projects

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Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) Construction Procurement Review

The Construction Procurement Review report was published in 2013 and the Scottish Procurement Construction Policy Notes provide advice on specific construction policy issues.

Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is “the process of designing, constructing or operating a building or infrastructure asset using electronic object-oriented information.”

The Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) BIM Portal provides access to relevant information and BIM Processes to help you deliver your project.

Community Infrastructure Benchmarking Database

The Community Infrastructure Benchmarking Database shares best practice and construction related project data amongst Scotland's public sector organisations Scotland. 

Whole Life Appraisal Tool

SFT's Whole Life Appraisal Tool helps public sector procurers make informed decisions to get the most out of built assets. It provides a consistent method to look at the costs and outcomes during the design, construction, operation and disposal stages for a built asset.

Strategic Approaches to Managing Estates Assets

What can we do with the office? provides generic best practice on space utilisation for the public sector.

Post Occupancy Evaluations

Post Occupancy Evaluations (POE) can help fine tune new buildings, improve designs for future projects, explore how users interact with their new environments and demonstrate best value.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) sets out its Pathways to POE and the Usable Buildings Trust promotes a Soft Landings Framework approach, which aims to soften the transition from construction to occupation and operation.

Government Soft Landings, the Cabinet Office's version of Soft Landings  caters for the procurement needs of UK central government departments.

District Heating

District Heating Scotland supports organisations looking to develop or connect to a heat network.

Scottish Capital Investment Manual

The Scottish Capital Investment Manual (SCIM) Business Case Guide was developed to assist NHS Scotland  make the right investment choices and deliver value for money, and is relevant for other public bodies and those that co-invest in capital with NHS Scotland in particular, such as universities. It can be read in conjunction with the Treasury Green Book.