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Research Excellence Grant principles

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Research Excellence Grant (REG) Principles

  • A sustainable and predictable framework to support ambitious and excellent research across the Scottish higher education institutions.
  • Robust and transparent allocation method based on clearly defined criteria and avoiding unnecessary complexity.

The Research Excellence Grant provides the majority of SFC’s funding for research in Scotland. It is intended to support sustainable research excellence across Scotland’s universities.

REG has a dual purpose:

  • To recognise and reward research excellence wherever it is found and in whatever discipline.
  • To uphold the principles of the dual support system, through making a contribution toward the full economic costs of research.

REG provides a long-term, stable source of research funding which institutions can use flexibly to develop and support excellent research as best fits their individual circumstances thereby supporting the diversity of the sector and their ability to respond to challenges.

Excellent research demonstrates originality and rigour in its approach and significance in its advancement of understanding and in the reach of its impact.

By supporting universities in Scotland to explore and improve the world by doing excellent research, they develop the knowledge and techniques which: deal with current challenges; address future challenges; and create future opportunities.

REG supports institutions to:

  • Sustain an excellent research environment and a thriving and inclusive research culture.
  • Consolidate and/or expand existing excellence to attract global investment and talent to Scotland.
  • Respond flexibly to changing priorities and invest in new and emerging areas of research, ensuring that the research base is in a position to respond to the challenges of the future.
  • Support researchers in their early career stages.
  • Help meet the full economic costs of research work contributing a public good, supported by, for example, Research Councils and charities.