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Merger and Federation Support

Once regions have finally settled upon their approach they can approach their SFC Regional Outcome Lead for access to additional support. This may change over time, but currently this will involve offering the following services.


Merger and Federation workshops and briefing sessions

Discussions with colleges in several regions indicate that some form of workshops or briefing sessions, focused on understanding good practice related to mergers in particular but also federation issues, would be useful. 

Rather than developing generic programmes, it is more appropriate to discuss the design and provision of bespoke programmes in those regions that consider this to be helpful. Such sessions might involve individuals with experience at board, principal or senior management level and, in addition, those with important specialist roles, such as project managers and providers of specialist services. 

Facilitation and consultancy support

Some regions may also benefit from facilitation. Facilitators may be used to assist with top level decision making, or to facilitate meetings where strong opinions may need to be managed in ways that do not damage relationships. Facilitators might also be used with work groups to assist in focusing on solutions to problems and understanding the opportunities that become available. 

Although regions will be expected to commission any significant forms of consultancy support deemed necessary, advice on past experiences and forms of helpful consultancy can be given by SFC and consultancy support can be accessed through the joint SFC and Scottish Government, Change Team. This can be arranged through the respective Regional Outcome Manager.

SFC Regional Outcome Leads

For contacts see our Access, Learning and Outcomes directorate page.

This guidance was developed in 2012 and will be reviewed.

Your feedback is important so let us know where you have used it or how it can be improved by contacting Linda McLeod, email: