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Content of the merger proposal

The merger or federation proposal should consist of a single document. The content of the proposal will vary according to the type of institutions proposing merger. It should normally cover the following areas


Note that this advice specifically applies to mergers, but a similar approach will be expected for those seeking federation.

Vision, aims and objectives

This section should consider:

  • Why the institutions are proposing merger and what purpose it will serve.
  • The overall vision and objectives of merger, including the educational benefits envisaged.
  • How the proposal relates to the institutions' strategic plans.

Options appraisal

This section should demonstrate how the institutions have arrived at their preferred option. If a formal options appraisal has been carried out the institutions should include a resume of the options considered, and indicate why a particular option was chosen.


The Council needs to understand the evidence in support of the merger proposal, which should include academic benefitsimplications for tertiary education in Scotlandfinancial benefitsissues arising from consultationstrategygovernance and management.


This guidance was developed in 2012 and will be reviewed.

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