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The merger process

Key steps and milestones in the merger process

Day one of merger implementation or Vesting Day is the formal date that partners become one institution.  Some of what is required to implement a merger, or create the right conditions for merger, will happen before this date but some of the work can only happen after day one.


Federations may not have a vesting day as such, but will have a date by which they will be recognised as a fully functioning federation.  This will be agreed with key stakeholders.

This section considers the key steps and milestones in the merger process required to develop a merger proposal for two or more institutions. (Many of these steps will also have an equivalent in developing a federation.)  It also includes information related to merger implementation but there is much more that needs to be done on the ground with operational teams than is covered in this guidance. 

In the merger process there are some things that can only happen after another step or activity has been completed but many of the activities can and do happen concurrently.  The following are not in a specified running order and from SFC experience of previous mergers many of these may overlap or run in parallel.


This guidance was developed in 2012 and will be reviewed.

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