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SFC blogs published since 2018 are available to view below. See SFC archived content for earlier blogs.

20 May 2019

A Framework for Fair Access

Author: Peter Scott, Commissioner for Fair Access

Peter Scott, Commissioner for Fair Access on what Scotland’s new Framework for Fair Access means for the sector, and students from our most deprived communities.
09 May 2019

Next GP to the surgery please…

Author: Helen Raftopoulos, SFC Assistant Director, Health and Care

Helen Raftopoulos, The Scottish Funding Council’s Assistant Director for Health, looks at SFC’s role in helping to meet the challenges facing general practice in Scotland.
07 May 2019

Men in Early Years

Author: Alison Malcolm, SFC Policy/Analysis Officer

Alison Malcolm on the challenge to recruit more men into the childcare workforce, and the innovative approaches being trialled by colleges to address this.
24 Apr 2019

Fighting back against cyber attacks

Author: David Beards, Senior Policy Officer

The Scottish Funding Council’s David Beards writes about the rising tide of cybercrime and how to keep your data safe.
15 Apr 2019

SFC in Ireland

Author: Ken Rutherford, Assistant Director, Outcome Agreements

Continuing the theme of international collaboration to share learning, Ken Rutherford talks about the work he’s led with SFC colleagues to support reform in the Republic of Ireland’s further education and training sector.
08 Apr 2019

By the numbers

Author: Laura Hepburn, Policy/Analysis Officer

SFC’s Laura Hepburn reflects on Data Summit 2019, and what it’s been like to go from data intern to panel guest.
25 Mar 2019

The Power of Pineapples

Author: Dr Jeff Sanders, Dig It! Project Manager

As the Historic Environment Skills Investment Plan is launched today, it’s worth reflecting on what can be achieved by bringing partners together with supportive leadership.
20 Mar 2019

Developing an Environmental Strategy for Scotland

Author: Jenny Jamieson, Policy Officer, Research and Innovation

What leaving the EU means for Scotland’s environment.
15 Mar 2019

SFC in Slovenia

Author: Seamus Spencer – Assistant Director, Outcome Agreements

Scotland shares its experience with our European partners.
08 Mar 2019

Ingenious and Enterprising Women

Author: Dr Sara Shinton, Head of Researcher Development, Institute for Academic Development, University of Edinburgh

How to tackle inequality in a system that isn’t going to “sort itself out”.