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Statistics publication schedule

We produce Official and National Statistics covering Further and Higher Education in Scotland. These support our work with colleges and universities to measure and improve performance across the sectors. 

Our aim is to provide statistics that are trustworthy, good quality, and valuable in line with the UK Statistics Authority Code of Practice.

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College Statistics

Provides an overview of the college sector, including full and part-time provision, analysis of subject areas and links to industry and equality groupings.

Latest Release: 2021-22
Next Release: 2022-23 (2024)
Previous Releases: 2020-21 | 2019-20 | 2018-19 | 2017-18 | 2016-17 | 2015-16

College staffing data

Information on the staffing numbers in Scotland’s colleges, it provides data (both headcount and full-time equivalence) for staffing (teaching and non-teaching) including summary data on age profiles and some protective characteristics, and provides information for other national statistical publications.

Latest Release: 2021-22
Next Release: 2022-23 (2024)
Previous Releases: 2020-21 |  2019-20 | 2018-19 | 2017-18 | 2016-17 | 2015-16

College Performance IndicatorsNational Statistics Quality Mark

Informs stakeholders about the performance of the sector, and helps colleges benchmark their performance against other similar colleges thereby supporting a wider quality improvement agenda. 

Latest Release: 2021-22
Next Release: 2022-23 (2024)
Previous Releases: 2020-212019-20 | 2018-19 | 2017-18 | 2016-17 | 2015-16

Students eligible for funding

This bulletin contains information, at sector level, about the numbers of students eligible for funding at the higher education institutions funded by SFC. Students eligible for funding are those students whose places are supported through SFC's main allocations of funding.

Latest Release: 2022-23
Next Release: 2023-24 (2024)
Previous Releases: 2021-22 | 2020-21 | 2019-20 2018-19 | 2017-18 | 2016-17

Report on Widening Access

Information on widening access across the University and College sectors in Scotland, supporting SFC’s strategy for widening access.

Latest Release: 2021-22
Next Release: 2022-23 (2024)
Previous Releases:  2020-21 | 2019-20 | 2018-192017-18 | 2016-17 | 2015-16

Higher Education Students and Qualifiers at Scottish InstitutionsNational Statistics Quality Mark

Information on HE provision and attainment in higher education institutions and colleges in Scotland. This includes information on student characteristics, access and equalities, and cross-border flows.

Latest Release: 2021-22
Next Release: 2022-23 (2024)
Previous Releases: 2020-21 | 2019-202018-19 | 2017-18 | 2016-17| 2015-16

Student Satisfaction and Engagement

Information on student satisfaction and engagement of college students in Scotland.

Latest Release: 2021-22
Next Release: 2022-23 (October 2023)
Previous Releases: 2020-21 | 2019-20 cancelled due to COVID-19 lockdown period | 2018-19 | 2017-18 | 2016-17 | 2015-16

College Leaver Destinations

Information on the destinations of successful full-time college leavers in Scotland, thereby supporting the Scottish Government strategies on employment and skills for Scotland by providing key information for progression to further study and employment for all age groups.

Latest Release: 2020-21
Next Release: 2021-22 (October 2023)
Previous Releases: 2019-20 | 2018-19 | 2017-18 | 2016-17 | 2015-16

Articulation from Scottish Colleges to Scottish Universities

NOTE: this publication's content has now been incorporated into the Report on Widening Access.

Previous Releases: 2018-19 | 2017-18

COVID-19 and the production of statistics

Due to the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, we anticipate that there might be some changes in terms of our regular statistical production. The current disruption to the UK could affect the publishing schedule for some of our statistics. In some cases, the production of some data series may need to be suspended or delayed.