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The Infact database contains data on students and courses in further education colleges in Scotland.

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Due to ongoing maintenance of our systems as part of our IT transformation programme, the following SFC systems are currently offline:

  • FES-Online (the upload and reporting of college data system).
  • EMA-Online (the upload of EMA information system).
  • SecureSend (secure data transfer system) – see below for update.
  • INFACT (online self-service data platform) – see below for update.
  • IRIS (enables SFC to create reports from HESA Student submissions which the institutions use to QA their submissions).

Bringing systems back online is a top priority for SFC and we appreciate your patience as we work through this.

We are currently rolling out a Secure Share site (replacing SecureSend) and you will receive an invite to the new site. If you had SecureSend and have not received details of the new site, please contact Michelle McNeill, email:

For any other questions on specific systems, please contact Kenny Wilson, email: If you have a data request which would have been served via INFACT, please contact