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Quality in Scotland's colleges

Under the Quality arrangements for colleges [PDF], introduced in AY 2016-17 [PDF], colleges produce annual evaluative reports and enhancement plans, based on the How Good is our College? Framework, which are independently validated by Education Scotland and SFC.

Note: Colleges should pause work on Evaluative Reports and Enhancement Plans (EREPs) until further notice. We are in discussion with Education Scotland about quality arrangements for the sector in AY 2020-21 and beyond.


These arrangements have been designed to integrate SFC's monitoring of outcome agreements with Education Scotland, as well as plan for improvement, reflect regional approaches and strengthen college ownership for evaluation and improvement.

The arrangements are based on an ongoing cycle of engagement between colleges, Education Scotland, Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI) and SFC Outcome Agreement Managers.

Arrangements for assuring and improving the quality of provision and services in Scotland’s colleges (Updated September 2019) [PDF].

SFC contracts Education Scotland to provide external assurance on quality and to support improvement in the college sector.

The College Overview Report [PDF] was commissioned from Education Scotland by SFC, and will be used to support the ongoing development of the new arrangements.