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Concordat to support research integrity

On Friday 25 October 2019 Universities UK launched the revised Concordat to support research integrity.


For SFC as a signatory, the Concordat is a statement of our commitment to research integrity. Alongside other signatories and supporters SFC is committed to:

  • Upholding the highest standards of rigour and integrity in all aspects of research.
  • Ensuring that research is conducted according to appropriate ethical, legal and professional frameworks, obligations and standards.
  • Supporting a research environment that is underpinned by a culture of integrity and based on good governance, best practice and support for the development of researchers.
  • Using transparent, timely, robust and fair processes to handle allegations of research misconduct when they arise.
  • Working together to strengthen the integrity of research.

The Concordat sets out principles and commitments to ensure that research produced by or in collaboration with UK universities is underpinned by the highest standards of rigour and integrity and that the public, government, business, and international partners can continue to have confidence in that research.

The Concordat describes clear expectations for researchers, employers of researchers, funders of research and signatories of the Concordat.

The signatories of the Concordat have committed to convening an annual research integrity forum to assess progress and to draw out lessons for the sector and to share good practice.

To ensure openness and accountability, the signatories to the Concordat will work together to produce an annual narrative statement on research integrity and have further committed to review the Concordat every five years.

Further information

For more information please contact Hazel McGraw, Policy Officer; email:; tel: 0131 313 6657.