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Health and Social Care

SFC works to improve skills and educational opportunities for the Health and Social Care sectors.


NHS Education for Scotland / SFC Joint Action Plan

In May 2008 NHS Education for Scotland and SFC signed a Memorandum of Understanding [PDF] which sets out our commitment to work closely together to support the efficient delivery of healthcare education provision across universities and colleges, support workforce developments in territorial NHS Boards as well as national strategies related to health education within core and existing funding.

As we enter an ever tightening fiscal environment, the Joint Action Plan [PDF] focuses on ensuring that we support both the health and education sectors dealing with changes to the NHS workforce. Other key activities include improving our joint advice and support to Scottish Government priorities such as widening access to medicine.

As part of the ongoing work and in response to the Minister’s guidance [PDF] to intensify the outcome agreement process SFC, NES and Scottish Government Health and Social Care Department have agreed a series of specific outcomes to be included in the SFC outcome agreement process. The agreed outcomes appear in our Joint Action Plan above.

Announcements for universities AY 2021-22

Intake targets and funded places for the controlled subjects of: