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Foundation Apprenticeships

Foundation Apprenticeships (FAs) give students a work-based learning opportunity providing an inside view of Scotland’s industries. Students have the opportunity to combine a recognised qualification with valuable experience in industries where there’s a rising demand for a skilled workforce. The course enables students to spend time at work placements with industry employers, exposing them early on to the world of work and learning vital transferable skills.

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The apprenticeships typically take two years to complete and are available in a range of industries, including engineering, IT, business skills, and social services. Students typically spend one day per week in a workplace setting, where they learn practical skills and gain valuable experience. The rest of the time is spent in the classroom, where they receive theoretical knowledge and support from their teachers.

FAs provide a vital pathway for learners to obtain the skills needed by employers in key industries. Either as a pathway to further study alongside other qualifications, or as direct experience of an industry prior to entering the workplace, FAs are a tailored, industry assured blend of practical experience and high quality learning and teaching.

The investment SFC makes in FAs creates real value for individuals, enabling them to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and competence required by employers whilst in a working environment.

Foundation Apprenticeship Report

The joint SFC/SDS FA Progress Report 2022 [PDF] has been published, highlighting progress around the development of Foundation Apprenticeships across Scotland’s colleges

SFC Guidance

College Foundation Apprenticeship places 2022-23